As a business person you know the importance of effective communication. More than ever, customers and clients need clear, persuasive information about your service or product. Yet too often they get clotted, showy, or pretentious prose that confuses rather than clarifies. 

Since 1996 I’ve been addressing the communications needs of organizations of all kinds: businesses, hospitals, universities,  government agencies, and large and small non-profits. My specialty is clear, jargon-free writing that delivers your message in a sophisticated,  yet natural conversational tone.

Clarity and readability are paramount: I use a professional, reader-friendly style in plain – but persuasive – English. This means choosing the best words and using them correctly, delivered at a crisp pace to draw in readers and hold their attention.   

Please contact me to discuss how I can best work with you and your organization.

Gaige Business Writing

12 East 86th Street, #1428, New York, NY 10028, US

(212) 717-6695